Extranet information

Extranet information

Welcome to our extranet

What is our extranet?

Our extranet is a convenient way to get access to all the information you need to sell or support our printing solutions. The extranet gives quick and easy access to information that can be found in the public site, as well as access to privileged and secure information.

Who can sign up?

Our extranet is open to selected partners and dealers only. All applications are subject to a review process.

Sign up procedure

When you sign-up, you will have quicker and easier access to information. Moreover, you will have access to sales, technical and training information that is only available within the extranet. Please fill in the application form and we will review your application as soon as possible. You will receive an automated email response detailing the success of your application.

Questions about your application?

For any questions about your extranet application and acceptance, or the status of your application please contact on the partnernet_exp@okieurope.com mail address.


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